We kindly invite you to participate in the 25th international multiconference – Information Society 2022. Once your paper is accepted, you can register for the multiconference.

The papers must follow the template (Word/LaTeX).

Both templates are improved compared to last year. Please adhere to them and notify us of any problems you encounter. Note that papers written in Slovene have to be accompanied by the title in English (below the Slovene title) as well as the abstract and keywords in English (below the Slovene abstract and keywords).

EasyChair Links: 

Demographic and Family Analyzes:

DIGIN 2023:

Legends of Computing:

Slovenian Conference on Artificial Intelligence:

Cognitive science:

Conference on the use of decision support systems in agriculture:

Data Mining and Data Warehouses:

Education in Information Society:

International Technology Transfer Conference:

Student Computer Science Research Conference 2023: