Schedule 2022

Conferences Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  10/10/2022 11/10/2022 12/10/2022 13/10/2022 14/10/2022
Slovenian Conference on Artificial Intelligence   Lecture room IJS      
SIKDD Data Mining and Data Warehauses Lecture room IJS        
Cognitive Science       Orange Room  
Education in Information Society         LR+SS+Orange
International Technology Transfer Conference     Lecture room IJS    
Demographic and Family Analyzes     Physics seminar room    
Legends of Computing IPS        
Cognitonics online        
Conference Ceremony         LR 12h – 13h
Pervasive Health and Smart Sensing       Teslova E-Room Teslova E-Room
Student Computer Science Research Conference 2022          
MATCOS 2022          
Data Science Meetup + Cognitive Science Round Tables   LR 18h – 19h   LR 17:30h – 19h  

Conferences and links to the online lectures
MONDAY 10.10.2022

TUESDAY 11.10.2022

WEDNESDAY 12.10.2022

THURSDAY 13.10.2022


FRIDAY 14.10.2022