You are kindly invited to participate in the 23th international multiconference Information Society (IS2020) held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 5 October to 9 October 2020. IS2020 will provide an international forum for scientists, academicians and professionals to present their latest research findings in the various fields of information society. The multiconference will consist of carefully selected conferences.

The information society is changing the world as well as the Slovene society. Therefore we should be aware of these changes and embrace them. The aim of IS2020 is not to provide the final answers to the problems of the information society, but to open interdisciplinary debate and to explore different research directions. The IS2020 will serve as a forum for the world-wide and national community to explore current and future research trends, business opportunities and governmental policies – both European and American. The main objective is the exchange of ideas and the development of visions for the future of the information society.

Prospective authors are invited to submit papers presenting new research related to the topics of the constituent conferences. Submitted papers must be original and not currently under review by another conference or journal. They should stimulate the development of the information society and incorporate recent developments. Submitted papers should not be too technical in nature.

IS2020 will be held in Slovenia, a Central European country with easy access from most of the Europe. Slovenia is a land of great natural beauty, from the Adriatic sea to high mountains, as well as rich historical and cultural heritage.

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